Criminal Defense and Federal Grand Jury Investigations

Being accused of a crime or swept up in an investigation of a crime is no small matter. The entire power of the state or federal government may be brought to bear against you, your business, or those you know, as law enforcement authorities seek to build a case. Time is of the essence in order to protect your rights, preserve favorable evidence, and ensure that you can build the best possible defense on your behalf.

The attorneys at Blanchard, Miller, Lewis & Isley combine extensive courtroom experience with deep knowledge of the law and a commitment to thoroughness and discretion in each case we handle. To learn more about how we can assist in the defense of serious criminal charges or grand jury investigation, contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Criminal Matters

Our firm accepts select cases involving serious criminal matters, including white-collar crimes, business crimes, and drug offenses. Our attorneys have experience defending clients facing charges such as these in both state and federal courts, as well as on appeal.

Criminal matters are often complex. Both state and federal investigators may spend months or even years building a case against you or your business – gathering evidence, examining documents, and talking to witnesses. When they finally bring charges against you, simply examining the mountain of evidence they have collected is overwhelming. Finding the pieces within that mountain that support your side of the story may feel next to impossible.

To protect your legal rights and build the best possible case on your behalf, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can once you find yourself at the center of a criminal investigation or facing an arrest. Your lawyer can help you prepare for each step of the process, can ensure that exculpatory evidence is preserved and that all evidence is thoroughly examined and questioned, and can ensure that state or federal prosecutors are held to their obligation to prove every element of the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt – and that the court is aware of the deficiency when they do not.

Federal Grand Jury Investigations

Federal grand juries have a great deal of leeway when it comes to investigating a person or business that is suspected of criminal behavior. Their investigation can extend not only to the individual, business owner, or employees, but to a wide range of other individuals who are associated with the person or company at the center of the investigation.

Among other things, a federal grand jury can issue subpoenas that demand you produce specific documents, testify before a panel of jurors, or both. Ignoring the subpoena could result in imprisonment or other penalties. But in some cases, obeying it could force you to provide incriminating information harmful to you, your business, or people important to you.

If you’ve become part of a federal grand jury investigation, contact an attorney with experience with these investigations immediately. Your lawyer can help you take steps to protect yourself from consequences that may follow unintentional non-compliance with the subpoena, or from prosecutorial overreaching. These steps may include limiting the scope of the subpoena, preserving certain evidence, preparing to testify, and handling the matter discreetly so that your personal or business reputation is not damaged by media leaks.

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If you’re facing a federal grand jury investigation or criminal charges, you may be experiencing a great deal of stress. Contacting an experienced law firm as soon as possible can help you reduce stress and build the strongest possible case, so that you can seek the best possible outcome.

To learn more, contact Blanchard, Miller, Lewis & Isley today. Our attorneys work together closely to represent each client, and we have obtained favorable results in many criminal defense and grand jury investigation matters. Your contact with our office is completely confidential.